Acoustic Echo Cancellation library

Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband (AEC WB)

Datasheet of IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceller

Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband (AEC Wideband) – is the vital speech enhancing component to enable full duplex communication in mobile phones, smart phones, intercom devices, etc.  Acoustic Echo Canceler suppresses echo even in noisy and non-linear environment working through poor speakers and microphones.

IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband is a right choice for usage in voice enabled device to make speech clear with no noise and no echo.  Acoustic Echo Canceler supports HD voice (16kHz) and features very low MIPS usage on central processor. Here are several use cases how customers have used our Acoustic Echo Canceler:
  • HD Video conferencing for living room environment. One customer selected IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband to run it in a communication device with a microphone mounted on top of TV and suppresses echo from nearly located very laud TV speakers. Local speaker is far from TV. It is evident that environmental conditions are extremely hard for acoustic echo cancellation, but IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler works perfectly.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancelation in mobile telephone. A customer selected IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband to provide to users HD hands free GSM communication
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation in CCoIP (Critical Communication over IP) intercom device. A customer selected IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband to enable clear voice for its intercom device to be used in hard environments - prisons, bank desks, public noisy places etc.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation in ATMs. A customer selected IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband to enable clear voice in ATMs which are located on public very noisy places. Our Acoustic Echo Canceler helps ATM users to communicate with operator located in a remote call-center.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation in PC based video conferencing. One of our customers selected IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceler Wideband to enable comfortable multi-participant conference service in its system.
List of our customers is here. What is your use case for acoustic echo cancellation? Is it similar to one of above, Isn't it?

Main features of IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceller Wideband:

  • Wide band voice representation at 16kHz sampling rate returning true 8kHz voice bandwidth.
  • Variable echo path in range 64-512msec.
  • Computationally light so it can be used in video conferencing even on portable devices.
  • Consumes less data memory and therefore minimizes memory read/write operations, cache misses and stall cycles due to cache invalidation.
  • Insensitive to synchronization between playback and recording paths.
  • Insensitive to audio path non-linearity.
  • Integrated noise suppression and automatic gain control functions enable communications even in very noisy places
  • Perfectly integrated with wide band vocoders G711.1, G729.1, G722 and AMR WB.
  • Support dynamic switching in narrow band (8kHz) mode.
  • Several profiles for various environments: HEADSET, OFFICE, HALL, STREET, CAR

Supported platforms:
  • Texas Instruments C64/C67, DaVinci
  • ARM9E, ARM11 (Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Marvell Sheeva, Kirkwood, Armada
  • x86 (MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceller Wideband have been licensed by well recognized VoIP hardware manufacturers and always win competitions with AECs from others suppliers.

Performance of the IntegrIT Acoustic Echo Canceller can be easily evaluated downloading SIP client for iPhone Tink, refer to for details.

Here is cool white paper about acoustic echo cancellation technology.