CrystalSpeech - Voice Engine for hands free VoIP communicationfor hands free VoIP communication

Datasheet of IntegrIT CrystalSpeech

IntegrIT CrystalSpeech  is the latest voice processing technology in the real-time speech processing software enabling hands-free full-duplex communications. CrystalSpeech is ideally suited for conferencing terminals, smart phones, communicators, videophones, dispatcher boards, speech synthesis and recognition systems, VoIP solutions, etc. Speech enhancement technology includes intellectual echo and noise suppressors providing natural speech quality that selectively recognizes active speaker even in noisy places. This allows conversations in a wide range of conditions with extremely high echo level and environmental noise. Echo cancellation technology adapted for use in mobile devices such as notebooks, communicators and gadgets where audio quality is limited due to the mechanical resonances, small speakers and high level of microphone-speaker acoustic feedback.


  • adaptive echo cancellation providing comfort conversations even in presence of high acoustic echo (up to 500 msec)
  • nonlinearity compensator suppressing remaining echo caused by nonlinear distortions in acoustic path or mechanical resonances
  • smart noise suppression system reducing the level of electrical and environmental noise with minimum speech distortions
  • voice-activated automatic gain control system balancing speech level without noise increase in the pauses
  • antihowling filters preventing distortions due to the high level of acoustic coupling
  • the set of user profiles for easy parameter selection (car, street, office, etc.)
  • multiplatform implementation for compatibility (ARM9E, ARM11, Cortex A8, TI TMS320C6xxx, Windows, Linux)


  • conferencing terminals, web VoIP terminals
  • smartphones, communicators, gadgets
  • hands-free car kits
  • videophones, dispatcher boards, speech synthesis and recognition systems (ARS), hands-free sets
  • VoIP equipment

List of supported platforms:

  • Texas Instruments C64/C67, DaVinci
  • ARM9E, ARM11 (Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Marvell Sheeva, Kirkwood, Armada
  • x86 (MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Tensilica HiFi2