Voice Codec G.722.1

Datasheet of IntegrIT G722.1

Dual rate wideband (50…7000 Hz) voice codec conforming the ITU-T G.722.1 recommendation. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as multimedia devices, visual telephony, wireless telephony, and videoconferencing products


  • Coding rate 24 or 32 kbps
  • Frame rate 20 msec
  • Sampling rate 16 kHz
  • Very low CPU usage
  • C-callable program interface
  • Multi-channel capable
  • The encoder and decoder meet all ITU G.722.1 compliance and interoperability requirements
  • Demo available for target and PC
  • Applications

Communication Devices

  • VoIP
  • Telephony
  • List of supported platforms:

Supported targets:

  • Texas Instruments C64/C67, DaVinci
  • ARM9E, ARM11 (Linux, Android 2.2, iOS)
  • Marvell Sheeva, Kirkwood, Armada
  • x86 (MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)

G.722.1 is delivered with fully automated IntegrIT Testing Environment (ITE) for target platform based on reference ITU-T vectors set along with extended IntegrIT proprietary vectors and methods.