IntegrIT develops Voice, Video over IP solutions since 2006. We are focusing on real time applications and networking protocols such as SIP and H.323.  We have performed many projects for numerous platforms, operating systems and target CPUs. Our porfolio includes software solutions for embedded PBXs, VoIP gateways (i.e. for Marvell), intercoms (for Zenitel, 2N, etc.), cloud servers (for Viber), video conferencing endpoints and videoconferencing servers. Most of them based on our CrystalSpeech voice engine or CrystalVu video engine. Our VoIP solutions serves at least several tens of millions VoIP channels worldwide.

APCO P25/DMR SDK gives you an unique ability to add integration your systems with UHF radios. Our stack is already field proven and used in number of commercially available radios i.e. from Spectra Engineering, EMC, Cimarron or Pulsar. It gives a good level of sensitivity and interoperable with existing radios from Hytera, Motorola and basestations infrastructure.

All these SDKs are based on NatureDSP signal processing libraries available for multiple cores (from ARM to most powerful DSPs in SoCs) ensuring the performance, interoperability and lowest possble power consumption.

Planning to change the CPU/operating system or improve the functionality or performance of your system? Yes, you are on the right way! Our team would be glad to support you.

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